What skills will I learn from mental health training?

Written by Anna Bishop
Mar 13, 2021

Anna is a Training Product Manager at Red Cross Training responsible for the development and review of our training products.

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues and with the UK in the midst of a third lockdown, many people are struggling with social isolation and trying to achieve a work-life balance whilst working remotely. A report by Edenred has found one in four employees wanted help with their mental wellbeing. This is supported through a recent British Red Cross LinkedIn poll, which found that 84% of people are planning on improving their mental health at work in 2021.


Everyone should have the support they need

With less than half of people feeling that they have the right tools to support their mental health at work, having access to the right support and training has never been so important. The Red Cross offers six short, virtual mental health training courses for the workplace, ranging from two hours to one day in duration.* They are designed to build team and personal resilience and to help staff members return to and maintain a state of positive mental wellbeing.

79 percent work related stress

Taking a CALMER approach

Our mental health training course content is based on the globally recognised CALMER psychosocial framework; Consider, Acknowledge, Listen, Manage, Enable and Resource. The courses help develop empathy, build personal and team resilience (bounce back) and give people the tools to understand how to help and support themselves and others. By learning with us, you’ll benefit from the experience and expertise of our teams in supporting people in emotionally challenging situations.


What you will learn on our health training courses?

Supporting others and yourself

On this two-hour course, you will gain skills in supporting yourself and other people in situations that are stressful, upsetting or challenging. You will look at different reactions to abnormal situations and learn how to support yourself and others through and after a difficult event or experience.

Coping with stress

This three-and-a-half-hour course is an extension of the ‘supporting others and yourself’ course. You will learn how to recognise stress, its causes, and its impact on you. The training will enable you to understand different reactions to stressful situations and how to support yourself during and after a difficult event by managing stress and your responses to it.

Building personal and team resilience

If you want to develop your awareness of stress in both yourself and your wider team, then this three-and-a-half-hour course is ideal for you. It will help improve your ability to recognise and manage stress to optimise wellbeing at work and at home. You will develop the skills to build your own and your teams resilience, helping to reduce the impact of stress.

Dealing with distressed callers

This three-and-a-half-hour course is designed for people working as a call handler on a support line, for an insurance company or service where people may have an expectation that is potentially not going to be met or those that may be dealing with a difficult situation. It will help you to develop the skills needed to feel confident in managing a distressed caller’s response.

Leading a resilient team

Developed for learners who are responsible for leading a team and dealing with challenging situations in the workplace. This one-day course, will help you to develop an awareness of mental health problems and how to support individuals who may need additional support, as well as developing the skills needed for leading a resilient team.

Supporting people through difficult situations

This one-day course will help you to develop an awareness of how you can support yourself and others through situations that are stressful, upsetting or challenging. It looks at challenging behaviours and how to deal with them as well as personal and team stress.

Benefits of virtual mental health training

We have responded to the changing environment we live in and listened to our customers’ needs. As a result, we have adapted our mental health training courses, so that we can now deliver them virtually via Zoom. Arthur from Michael J Lonsdale (MJL) said “The reaction from our staff has been extremely positive, and we now have a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing at MJL.”

Benefits of virtual mental health
*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’re currently unable to provide face-to-face mental health training. Our virtual mental health courses are the perfect alternative and are fully interactive with an expert trainer leading the course

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