Top tips for supporting your team's mental health whilst working from home

Written by James Reed
Oct 20, 2020

James is a Training Product Manager at Red Cross Training responsible for the development and review of our training products.

The power of kindness is needed now more than ever as the UK faces a global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted on all our lives, leaving many people feeling heightened anxiety, stress and struggling to maintain a positive state of mental wellbeing.

The pandemic has not only affected our personal lives, but also changed the way we work.

According to the Office for National Statistics report on the coronavirus and homeworking in the UK, in April 2020, nearly half (46.6%) of people in employment did some of their work from home, with the vast majority (86.0%) of these homeworkers stating that this was because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Government guidance and restrictions are evolving, and many employees could possibly be working from home for a longer period. This is becoming a new way of working for many across the UK.

Understandably, this presents new challenges for managers who are having to find different ways to support their staff, virtually. Therefore, it is important you have the tools to help make a positive difference to your team.

In this blog, we’ve identified some top tips for managers to help support the mental health and wellbeing their remote teams. 

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Top tips on how to support your team working from home

Managing a team remotely starts with you – look after your own wellbeing, as well as supporting your team. Here are some top tips to create inclusive remote teams.


1. Wellbeing

Reach out

Reach out to all members of your team to understand their individual circumstances and concerns.

Each member of your team will have their own concerns whilst working from home. Our emotions drive our behaviour, and it’s important to remember that with the pandemic aside, your staff may be facing wider issues in their home life.

It’s critical as a manager to share how you’re feeling, which will encourage members of your team to do the same.


Encourage regular breaks

Encourage your team to take regular breaks and exercise whilst working from home. Flexibility within your team will make a positive difference to their state of mental wellbeing.


2. Connect with your team

It can be challenging for employers to maintain the same level of communication they would in the workplace, but there are lots of great tools to help you connect with your team, who may be working remotely.

Tools such as video conferencing allow you to virtually meet with your employees on a regular, one to one basis, where you can provide support and resources for those who may be struggling.

You don’t just have to connect with your team to discuss work activities. You could set a time each week for a social team activity or just for a catch up over a cup of tea.

Setting regular time aside for these kinds of activities ensure that all your team feel included, valued and appreciated.


3. Listen

Recognise the signs of anxiety and stress in yourself and others and seek support. Our quiz could help you recognise signs of stress in your employees and explore what steps you can take as a manager to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to help reduce their stress.

Through consciously listening, you can become aware of verbal cues you hear from your team. Notice their tone of voice, pace and language used, and signs like low energy and focus. Check your concerns through open communication and ask questions.

Signpost your employees to support tools within your organisation.

Making a positive difference in your workplace

Now, more than ever, supporting your teams has never been as important.

Even though we’re physically apart right now, there’s one thing that will keep us together: kindness.

By taking a positive approach to mental wellbeing in your workplace, your organisation can benefit from:

  • more engaged and motivated staff
  • reduction in absence and associated costs
  • increased productivity and staff retention
  • improved professional reputation
  • more satisfied customers.

    Find out more about how our virtual mental health courses can benefit your employees' mental health and wellbeing.

Everyone should have the support they need right now

British Red Cross Training offers mental health and wellbeing courses for the workplace. Our mental health and wellbeing courses are designed to build both team and individual resilience and to help staff members return to and maintain a state of positive mental wellbeing.

As well as offering face to face training, we have adapted our course delivery to suit the needs of our customers and are now offering virtual mental health and wellbeing training courses.

We are offering group training, delivered by one of our expert trainers virtually via Zoom, from 2 hours to 1 day in length.

  •  Supporting yourself and others
  • Coping with stress
  • Building personal and team resilience
  • Dealing with distressed callers
  • Leading a resilient team
  • Supporting people through difficult situations.


Benefits of virtual training

We have responded to the changing environment we live in and listened to our customer’s needs. As a result, we have adapted our mental health and wellbeing training courses, so that we can now deliver them virtually via Zoom.

You can support your teams through interactive virtual mental health and wellbeing training, bringing your teams together; encouraging them to support themselves and each other.


Training to suit you and your team

Our virtual mental health and wellbeing courses are available for groups of up to 20* learners from your organisation. You and your team can benefit from virtual training delivered through Zoom, making it accessible to all those working from home or working in an office.

Our method of delivering this training using virtual technology allows for learning despite the challenging situation we’re all in at this time.


Tailored learning experience, suited to your organisation needs

You have the flexibility to spend more time on the topics most relevant to your group, as you will all be from the same organisation. This personal approach to learning with people you know, helps create a relaxed environment; so everyone feels more comfortable taking part in the exercises.

Do you feel our virtual courses could benefit you and your team? 

*6-12 learners for ½ day virtual courses and 6-20 learners for 1-day virtual courses.

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