Mental health courses: frequently asked questions

Written by Anna Bishop
Jul 13, 2021

Anna is a Training Product Manager at Red Cross Training responsible for the development and review of our training products.

The uncertainty of the past year has taken a heavy toll on our mental health, with many of us experiencing increased anxiety, worry, loneliness and stress.

An ongoing study led by the Mental Health Foundation has shown that the Covid-19 pandemic has had ‘wide and deep emotional impacts’ on UK adults. The study’s survey in February 2021, a year after the start of the pandemic, showed that while anxiety about the pandemic has fallen since the previous year, loneliness has risen, with 26 per cent of those surveyed experiencing loneliness. Fewer adults surveyed felt they were coping well with the stress of the pandemic – only 64 per cent – while 18 per cent of people said they had felt hopeless about the pandemic over the previous fortnight.

Helping staff to feel resilient and supporting them in maintaining a state of positive wellbeing is more essential than ever during these difficult times.

The British Red Cross offers six short, virtual mental health training courses* for the workplace, ranging from 2 hours to 1 day in duration.

Here, we answer some of the questions you may have about the courses.

What courses do you offer?

The British Red Cross has six virtual mental health training courses to choose from:

Supporting others and yourself: taking place across 2 hours, this course introduces our core framework as a tool to use when encountering stressful, challenging or upsetting situations. Learners will consider different reactions to these situations and find out how to support themselves and others during and after a challenging event.

Coping with stress: this half-day course develops learners’ understanding of their and others’ reactions to abnormal situations and guides them in learning how to support themselves and others during and after a challenging event. It focuses on how to recognise and identify causes of stress and understand its impact on yourself.

Dealing with distressed callers: taking place across half a day, this course is aimed at call handling staff who are looking to develop their skills for dealing with distressed callers. The course was developed for those on support lines, insurance companies or services where callers have an expectation that is potentially not going to be met.

Leading a resilient team: this one-day course was developed for leaders, people managers and individuals who may encounter challenging situations in the workplace. This course will help leaders gain an understanding of mental health problems and grow their skills for leading a resilient team.

Supporting people through difficult situations: this one-day course is for individuals and teams who may need to support people through difficult situations. This course will help them learn how individuals can support themselves and others through stressful, challenging or upsetting situations.

Building personal and team resilience: on this half-day course, learners will develop an understanding of different reactions to abnormal situations and learn how to support themselves and others during and after a difficult event. It examines how to recognise stress, identify causes and understand its impact on yourself and your team. This enables us to explore how to cope with stress and deal with its presence in a team work context.

Find out more about our mental health courses and how we can help your business here:

Which course is right for me and my team?

Our flowchart will help you decide which course is right for your organisation.

How does a virtual course work?

Our virtual mental health courses are simple to use and access. Once your booking is confirmed, you will be sent a confirmation of access: this will provide the date, time and link to join the secure course. You must have Zoom installed and working prior to the course, starting with fully working audio, microphone and camera.

Our virtual courses are interactive and led by a trainer who will facilitate the virtual classroom. This method of training allows interaction between learners and the trainer to provide an engaging and educational learning experience.

What are the benefits of virtual training?

We have adapted our mental health training courses so that we can now deliver them virtually via Zoom. There are many benefits of virtual training, including:

● It’s accessible to all those working from home or in an office
● The course offers the flexibility to spend more time on the most relevant topics
● We create a relaxed environment enabling learners to feel comfortable when participating in exercises.
● Taking part in the training in a familiar environment can help learners feel more confident when talking about difficult feelings and experiences.

Who are the courses for?

Our virtual courses are offered on a group booking basis. They’re ideal for those who are part of teams that work remotely with each other; are continuing to work from home, or those who just prefer the convenience of a virtual training course.

Each of the half-day virtual training courses will be limited to a maximum of 12 people, while the one-day courses are limited to 20 people, from the same organisation. This is to ensure that learners experience the best learning experience possible and have a better opportunity for engagement.
As an employer, what are the benefits of offering a course to staff?

By taking a positive approach to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, your organisation can benefit from:

● More engaged and motivated staff
● A reduction in absence and associated costs
● Increased productivity and staff retention
● Improved professional reputation: satisfied customers.

As an employee, why should I go on a course?

● We’ll help you develop awareness of how to support yourself and others when faced with difficult situations using a practical framework
● You’ll learn about managing stress and developing awareness of stress
● We’ll support you in optimising your wellbeing at work and in your personal life
● You’ll learn how to develop greater confidence when dealing with difficult situations.

Why should I train with the British Red Cross?

Our mental health course content is based on the globally recognised CALMER psychosocial framework. The framework has been developed by the Red Cross’ psychosocial team and aims to support individuals during and after an emotionally challenging situation.

The Red Cross has a global reputation and experience in providing both emotional and practical support to individuals in crises. By learning with us, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our teams in supporting people in emotionally challenging situations.

Will I get a certificate?

Upon successful completion, the learner will receive a British Red Cross certificate that confirms their attendance of the course. A digital version of a certificate can be requested if one is required.

What other training courses are available from the British Red Cross?
We offer a wide range of first aid and health and safety courses to help keep staff safe at work, including first aid at work courses; first aid at work requalification courses; annual first aid skills update; paediatric first aid courses; fire marshal and moving and handling courses.

How can I book a mental health course?

Click the link to speak to one of our training experts about your mental health training needs:

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’re currently unable to provide face-to-face mental health training. Our virtual mental health courses are the perfect alternative and are fully interactive with an expert trainer leading the course.

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