How Michael J Lonsdale helped support mental health at work

Written by Louise Fernand
May 6, 2020

Louise is the Field Sales Manager at Red Cross Training responsible for leading the business development team and mental health training.

The issue of work-related stress is now a priority for many businesses, with professionals across a wide range of industry sectors looking at ways to address the problem.

That’s exactly what construction business, Michael J Lonsdale (MJL) looked to do, by using mental health and wellbeing training to help their team recognise stress and build resilience.

Six out of ten people working in construction have suffered mental ill-health because of their work.* Offering the right support and training can help build resilience as well as giving them tools to cope if they do find themselves facing difficult situations.

The British Red Cross have supplied training to the Michael J Lonsdale group for several years. Arthur Lander, Head of Safety at MJL, said:


“When it came to mental health and wellbeing training, we felt the Red Cross was the best fit for us.”


Our mental wellbeing and resilience courses aim to help people cope, support and manage stress and emotionally challenging situations in both their work and personal lives. Our team worked closely with MJL and found that our ‘Leading resilient team’ one-day course was the perfect fit for them.

Leading a resilient team is one of six, interactive mental wellbeing and resilience courses we offer for the workplace. The course is ideal for leaders, people managers and individuals who may be responsible for dealing with challenging situations in the workplace. This course helps employees gain an awareness of mental health problems and develop skills for building a resilient team.


“The course provided a great insight to mental wellbeing and resilience and included practical advice, which our staff could implement into their working lives.

Understanding the factors causing stress and how to cope with it was a key outcome for us and this was addressed effectively.”


Understanding the causes of stress and its effects can help enable us to work through it and to identify what or who may help. For some this may be a supportive network such as colleagues, family or friends. Depending on the situation it may be something more practical such as changing a way of working to evenly share the workload amongst a team.

Our mental wellbeing courses are based on the Red Cross's psychosocial globally recognised CALMER framework, which is a tool used to help people to manage stress, build resilience and look after themselves and others before, during and following difficult/challenging situations. The CALMER framework stands for: Consider, Acknowledge, Listen, Manage, Enable, Resource.

Find out more about our CALMER framework with the video below:



Reflecting on our training, Lander told us:


“The reaction from our staff has been extremely positive, and we now have a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing at MJL.”


Make a positive difference in your workplace

The Red Cross has a global reputation and experience in providing both emotional and practical support to individuals in crises. By learning with us, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our teams in supporting people in emotionally challenging situations.

Why not find out for yourself the difference mental wellbeing training could make in your workplace and get in touch today?

*Source: UK Construction Week & Mates in Mind 2019

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